2014 Eagle Rodeo Royalty

The Eagle Rodeo is proud to present our 2014 royality...

Halie Lambrecht

Hello, I'm 16 years old and have lived in Idaho all of my life. I attend Mountain View High School as a junior. My parents are Jim and Jodie Lambrecht, and I also have an older sister Ashlie Lambrecht. I love the summer, as it's the best time of the year for non-stop riding. My horse I ride is a registered paint horse. Her name is “Bella” My other hobbies are hunting, swimming, archery and chilling with my friends. I've been riding ever since I was about five and have loved it ever since. When I was old enough I joined 4-H. My horse Bella and I are looking forward to seeing everyone in parades, waving to the crowd during my queen runs and having fun being the 2014 Eagle Rodeo SR Queen. I have watched our Rodeo since I could remember and now I look forward to being part of this tradition and wonderful community event. I believe that when it comes to rodeo, horses, and life for that matter, knowledge is never-ending. Armed with a passion for helping others and words of wisdom from my mother, “Do something that makes you happy and something that makes a difference,” I am forever grateful to my friends, family, and sponsors that have helped me on this journey. Every little bit of your time and efforts are precious to me and I am ever so thankful. I am absolutely elated for my year as Eagle Rodeo Sr. Queen. I hope to see you all along the rodeo trail and I look forward to meeting everyone at our 2015 Eagle Rodeo.

Ashley Kerby

Hello Rodeo Friends and family, I am the 13 year old daughter of LeRoy and Quyann Kerby. I have one brother, Zack. I am very proud to be an official ambassador of the sport of rodeo. I have a future aspiration to be a rodeo competitor myself; I look forward to promoting and educating others about the sport I have grown to love. I attend Lake Hazel Middle School where I play basketball and am on the Pride Committee. Besides riding horses I love arts and crafts, showing rabbits, my horse “Jynx” and swine in 4h. My first rodeo queen pageant involvement began at age 12 as a contestant in the 2013 Eagle Rodeo Pageant. Unknown to me at the time was how valuable my pageant experience would prove to be. I’ve gained confidence through public speaking, poise through modeling, and increased her knowledge of my community and the sport of rodeo. As the Eagle Rodeo Jr Queen, I hope to inspire others to enter their local and state rodeo queen pageant so they too, will benefit from the experience while building confidence and achieving dreams.

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