Donating To Good Causes – Eagle Rodeo’s Contributions
by Rhonda Noneman

Sometimes good causes are right at our doorstep and we often ask ourselves, “How can we help?” By supporting the Eagle Rodeo you are helping, and we’d like to thank you.

Through the money generated by ticket sales, Eagle Rodeo is able to donate money each year to local organizations and charities that directly benefit our community. Some are geared toward education and healing, some toward youth, while others provide much needed monetary support to our returning veterans. Past recipients are honored for their dedication in serving our community through the outreach programs they run.

Ada County 4-H
Established in 1912 the 4-H program continues to flourish offering a vast variety of educational programs to local youth. Their motto is, “To Make the Best Better”. Funded in part by the University of Idaho and run predominantly by volunteers, the program still requires funds to provide scholarships to state and national competitions to deserving youth. The skills these kids learn while in 4-H they will carry with them into adulthood and into the workplace. Supporting these kinds of programs is smart.

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The CW2 Joshue M. Tillery Fund
The programs supported by the fund are not reimbursable by any government agency. Money raised is used for lodging families to be close to wounded loved ones; assisting financially needy families with living expenses during a spouse’s deployment; helping provide educational and job reintegration to returning soldiers; and, aiding wounded or disabled veterans while they wait for the, often long and tenuous, benefit payments to begin. Bridging the gap and targeting immediate needs for local families is the ultimate goal. This is just the beginning of a much needed program launched to honor a fallen son. Read More...

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Mini Joys, Inc.
Founded on March 13, 2009, Mini Joys is a charitable organization (501c3) whose purpose is to promote joy, hope, and healing through visits by compassionate miniature horses to those facing physical, mental, or emotional challenges. Outreach programs include:

Click here to learn more or make a donation, Contact Laurie Bell: 208-830-3227, or follow them on Facebook.

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Personal Ponies Ltd. Idaho
Founded in 2002 by Donnis Mager, the Personal Ponies of Idaho program places companion ponies with disabled or terminally ill people at NO charge. Their mission is to make MAGIC in children’s lives by providing them a small equine companion to love and care for. The non-profit program receives no State or Federal funding and is dependent on the generous support of the community

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Bullcatchers Folkstyle Wrestling Camp
The Bullcatcher Summer Wrestling program has been a recipient of funds donated by the Eagle Rodeo each year. These funds help support a camp in Garden Valley, Idaho where kids camp out for a week during summer break, learning everything from a full nelson head lock, to proper dining etiquette. There are many aspects of the program that help kids learn about social skills, responsibility, discipline and behavior. It’s a program meant to build on the skills kids have, develop a few they may not have, and helps to serve kids in outlying areas that don’t have as many opportunities.

Bullcatcher Folkstyle Wrestling Camp – 208-724-0584

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Ride For Joy
A horse, by the name “No Name”, was the catalyst for a program that would ultimately benefit children with special needs. Started by Tom Boyd, he began giving rides to a neighbor child with cerebral palsy and was amazed at the transformation it made. The child experienced relaxed muscle tone, had improved speech, and was having fun! This was the beginning of the Ride for Joy Therapeutic Riding Program. As a non-profit organization they depend on tax deductible contributions to pay for the substantial expense of providing such a service. Every dollar donated ensures that they can continue to bring these therapeutic benefits to children with special needs.

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