Donating To Good Causes – Eagle Rodeo’s Contributions

There are many programs in our area that benefit from your generous support of the Eagle Rodeo. Some are geared toward education and healing, some toward youth, while others provide much needed support to our peers. One of this year’s causes is blessed with the dedication of serving our community. Their program encourages a hand-up through one-on-one mentoring, teaching budget & life skills. We would like to support Love INC by opening the Eagle Rodeo to a newly created food drive called–STOMP OUT HUNGER

RAFFLE/DRAWING - Were you a Fan? Did you bring a Can?

Keep those tickets! One lucky person will win an Eagle Rodeo swag bag each night of the rodeo. Must be present to win. To increase your odds, additional tickets are available for a donation to Love INC.

What is Love INC Boise?

Meeting the needs of the poor is a top priority for churches in Boise, Idaho. A network of about 40 congregations is crossing denominational lines to help those trapped in poverty.

An organization called “Love INC Boise” (Love, in the Name of Christ) is helping them do that by providing the basics like food, clothing and a host of other essential items.

“A lot of times they’re needing help with making the rent, paying the electric bills. In fall, we see a lot of school supplies and clothes for kids,” Kimbra Shaw, outreach director of Love INC, said.

“In late fall we’ll see coats and blankets become a heavy, heavy need,” she explained.

People looking for assistance call a hotline, and operators at Love INC Boise direct them to a member church.

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Giving Back over the years
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Donating to Good Causes – Eagle Rodeo’s contributions over the years