Executive Board

Tracy Baggerly
Member since 2002
Owner/Financial Advisor – Progressive Financial Services
Tracy started with the rodeo in 2002. As one of the original members, he continued, with the help of mutual friends and a new board, to make the Eagle Rodeo the success it is today. The conversation started simply with, “Let’s put on a rodeo.” The rest is history.

David Aschenbrener
Member since 2008
Sales Manager – A1A Orthopedic
While driving by the rodeo grounds in 2007, David noticed a few familiar pick-up trucks. Since those familiar pick-up trucks were owned by some of his buddies, he stopped by to say hello. The board was a bit short handed that night, so they asked him to help out and work the contestant gate. David was asked by his buddies to join the following year when a member spot became available.

Mona Aschenbrener
Member since 2010
Owner – Asche Made
While her husband, David was part of the board, she realized there were opportunities she could help out with. Also growing up in an agricultural community in Wisconsin, she wanted to offer similar opportunities to her kids. She volunteered for 7 years helping with the kids events, programs, etc. She officially joined the board in 2017.

Drew Blessinger
Member since 2003
Owner/Operator – Terra West, Blessinger Co, LLC, Western Rodeo and Superior Rodeo
Drew is a 5th generation Idaho Rancher. Growing up, Drew raised and ran cattle with the family and currently has 300 head of his own. In his younger years, he rode rough stock and to this day he is still in the arena, but in a little different manner. Drew is the pick up man and the stock contractor for the Eagle Rodeo.

Drew Urness
Member since 2016
Owner/President – Urness Industries LLC.
Raised in Eagle, Drew takes a lot of pride in the city he grew up in & currently resides in. He’s been going to the Eagle Rodeo since he was little. Drew hopes to help preserve the Rodeo for generations to come. “Rodeo stands for Hard Work, Family & Community… Three things my generation has forgot about and three things i want to promote in our town.”