Committee Members

Gavin Aschenbrener
Member since 2016
Both of Gavin’s parents are on the board and there’s something in this kids bones that says to always help out. Gavin has been volunteering his time since as early as we can remember…. picking up trash, running errands, being a great help to the rest of the committee. Based on his willingness to help and get the job done, the directors inducted him as our first junior director in 2016.

Elizabeth Baggerly
Member since 2002
Business Planning Manager – HP
Elizabeth has been a part of the rodeo since 2002, first helping in the beer gardens then taking over the admissions side of things. Elizabeth loves the feeling of giving back to the community and appreciates that the Eagle Rodeo stands for a family-friendly event in a town we all love.

Chris Chesnut
Member since 2014
Owner – Superior Services Electrical
Chris had been helping set up the electrical side of the rodeo for a few years. Given his trade and helpful nature, Chris was asked to join the committee. From the small town of Garden Valley, he enjoys being around rodeo and the people associated. “It’s a little taste of my past I guess. More than that, I enjoy being a part of something that helps others. It’s a great organization with a great cause and I’m proud to be a part of the team.”

Nick Hill
Member since 2018
KB Fabrication and Welding LLC
Nick’s good friend, David Aschenbrener asked him to help with kids events back in 2013. Over the past few years, Nick’s assisted with anything related to steel/welding projects. With his interest and involvement, he was asked to join the board in 2018. It’s even becoming a family event… Sue, Nick’s wife is running the merchandise trailer. Nick says, “It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with an amazing group of people and watch this rodeo grow to what it is today!”

Nate Hines
Member since 2013
Operator – City of McCall Streets Dept.
Nathan grew up on a registered Hereford ranch and volunteered for the Eagle Rodeo between 2002 and 2005. He was a committee member from 2005 to 2007. While attending the rodeo in 2012 current board members asked him to re-join the team.

Trevor Leighton
Member since 2016
Self Employed – Racer
Raised in Eagle, Trevor has always been taught to give back to the community and help whenever his schedule allows. After being family friends with Tracy Baggerly for years, he finally had free time in his racing schedule to help out with the Eagle Rodeo.

Rhonda Noneman
Member since 2001
Owner/Graphic Designer/PRCA Photographer –
Rhonda was asked to help out doing graphic design for a little charity rodeo. A transplant from Northern Nevada, a rodeo fan, and avid horse woman, Eagle Rodeo provided the perfect opportunity to lend her artistic talents and satisfy her charitable nature. “It’s amazing being a part of this “not-so-little-anymore” rodeo, knowing that it’s still about community, still about giving, and still about fun.”

Andy Osmus
Member since 2017
Owner/Operator Osmus Roofing, LLC
Because of his lifelong love of rodeo and his penchant for helping others, Andy has been a volunteer with Eagle Rodeo since 2009.  He has a deep love of horses and the promotion of the western lifestyle.  When current board members invited him to join the team, he jumped at the opportunity, feeling both honored and blessed.

Scott Osumus
Member since 2009
Owner/Operator – Osmus Roofing
Scott grew up farming and has been around cows and horses from the get go. He has been team roping since 1996, dabbled in bronc riding and has also competed in the Eagle Rodeo. In 2009, current board members, who were also good friends, asked Scott if he wanted to join the Eagle Rodeo committee.